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About us

Working in the high-pressure cleaning industry for more than 25 years, our expertise offers solutions to your needs for your various jobs.


Our mission is to provide you with the right solutions for your high-pressure cleaning needs. From supplies to maintenance, we offer quality products and professional service tailored to your budget and your projects. So, whatever your field of activity, you can count on us!


At all times, we act as a reliable, honest and caring source of supply. We also value friendly, long-term relationships with our customers. To us, a job well done means helping you make informed choices when it comes to high pressure washing equipment, and providing unrivalled after-sales service.

Our history, from 1997 to today

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    November 1997: The founders

    Richard and Pierre have been in the pressure-washing equipment business for over 25 years. So they were far from newcomers when they launched Multi Pression L.C. at the height of the ice storm week in 1998.
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    1997: More than just a distributor

    The company also assembles its own pressure washers, marketed under the name Turbo Tek, which are assembled by its own technicians.
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    Innovation at the heart of the company

    The company was one of the first to develop the concept of a wash bays with rail-mounted hoses, instead of traditional hose reels.

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    Stand out with hydrocide

    Faced with a ban on the use of pesticides and herbicides to control weeds, municipalities can now count on Hydrocide from Multi Pression L.C., which sprays large volumes of water at very high temperatures to control weeds.

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    Innovation with Hydro-Québec

    Multi Pression L.C. has worked with the state-owned company to develop equipment that allows insulators to be cleaned without interrupting the power supply to high-voltage lines.
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    New high-pressure foam system

    Design of a new high-pressure foam (M.H.P.) system in washrooms to facilitate the cleaning action of detergent.
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    New identity

    A year later, the new owners quickly set about creating a new image for Multi Pression L.C..
    A new name emerged, "Multi PSI", PSI being the unit of measurement for pressure, as well as a new color (team choice), an eco-green to be easily identifiable in the market and finally introduce a new logo.

To find out more about our history, read our dedicated blog post


We, the professionals at Multi PSI, share a common goal: to provide you with the most effective, customized solutions available! Attentive to your needs, we distinguish ourselves by our customer approach and our in-depth knowledge of high-pressure cleaning equipment. We stay ahead of the trends to offer you the very best.

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