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Turnkey projects

We'll help you create a washroom or wash trailer that's just right for your needs.


Customized solutions for bay wash system and high pressure washing trailers

For over 25 years, we have excelled in the design and manufacture of customized solutions for high-pressure bay wash systems and washing trailers. Tailored to each specific need, our solutions incorporate the latest technological advances for optimum efficiency. The bay wash incorporate cutting-edge technologies, ensuring exceptional performance, while the trailers offer unrivalled mobility to adapt to a variety of cleaning needs.

Whatever your industry or requirements, our tailor-made solutions guarantee optimum performance and top-level cleaning quality.

Rail system

Discover our rail system, an innovative solution to prevent hose damage by keeping them off the ground, making handling safer and more efficient.


Washing poles

Discover our range of stainless steel wash poles, perfect for a multitude of industrial applications.


Hose reels

Optimize your hose and cable management with our reels (electric, manual and spring), a practical solution that improves efficiency and safety.


Washing trailers

Our wash trailers are mobile equipment designed to clean a variety of vehicles. They offer a complete on-site washing solution, without the need for a fixed washing infrastructure. What's more, thanks to their mobility, you can easily use them on different sites.


Tank skid

Our washing platforms (tank skid) are mobile and have become indispensable for maintaining cleanliness and safety in the workplace. What's more, their modularity means they can be used in a pick-up truck. Once the job is done, they can be easily stored.