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Multi PSI
Industrial detergent with Quick Split + Salt Inhibitor

Product No: MPSI-5011


MPSI-5011 is a strong eco-friendly cleaner designed to quickly and easily remove common soils without scrubbing: soot, calcium, road film and insect residue on painted surfaces.
Allows quick separation of oils and greases.
It contains a salt inhibitor.
Contains orange-scented D-Limonene which also acts as a degreasing agent.
The ideal product to clean highway, railway, naval and aeronautic equipment. MPSI-5011 is completely biodegradable in less than 28 days tested according to OECD 301D.
MPSI-5011 (in french)
Dilution and QR code (in french)


Format 1 liter:  No
Format 4 liters:  50112
Format 20 liters:  50113
Format 55 liters:  50114
Format 205 liters:  50115
Format 1000 liters:  50116
Format 10 kg (powder):  


Format 20 kg (powder) :  No